Welcome to Macaubet affiliate program!
Program Details

As an affiliate of Macaubet, you will be paid commission on every player you referred to Macaubet over the course of the player's account life. Our online reporting system will be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your usage.

How much you earn will depend on how much traffic you can send over from your website. It is our job to guide them through the registration process, having them make their first deposit, and retain their business with our attractive bonuses and offerings.

Affiliate Base Currencies Support Top

We offer below base currency/currencies: IDR,CNY.

In our reports and commission setting, we will drop some last zero digits for below currency/currencies: IDR. For example: Rp1 is Rp1*1000 in real value.

Affiliate Earning Top

Revenue share model
The revenue share model is split into following components: Sportsbook, Saba Casino, Number Game.

The total revenue share payable to the affiliate shall be the sum of all components of the revenue share model. Below is a sample revenue share model from our system:

Product Tier Company net win for the month (Rp) Qualifying Members Commission
Sportsbook 1 0.00 - 9.99 0 - 5 0%
2 10.00 - 29,999.99 6 - 10 1%
3 30,000.00 - 400,000.99 11 - 50 2%
4 400,001.00+ 51+ 5%
Saba Casino 1 0.00 - 9.99 0 - 5 0%
2 10.00 - 29,999.99 6 - 10 1%
3 30,000.00 - 400,000.99 11 - 50 2%
4 400,001.00+ 51+ 5%
Number Game 1 0.00 - 9.99 0 - 5 0%
2 10.00 - 32,500.99 6 - 10 1%
3 32,501.00 - 325,000.99 11 - 25 2%
4 325,001.00 - 400,000.99 26 - 50 3%
5 400,001.00+ 51+ 5%

For the purposes of the table above:
"COMPANY NET WIN FOR THE MONTH" = |–Returns(Win or Loss) – Any bonuses paid – Chargebacks – Any other revenue returns – Credits, compensations or refunds given to Players|
If the Company Net Win is negative, then affiliate has to bear at least 10% with the company if output commission is zero or follow the tier commission setting if output commission is greater than 10% for that month (apply for each product).

Negative BalanceTop

Any negative balance for a given month will be carried forward to the next. For example if for the month of January your affiliate account ends with -Rp2,555, this amount will be carried forward to February. If at the end of February your affiliate account earns Rp3,400, the total balance will be Rp845 (Rp3,400 deduct -Rp2,555). However if your account is still making a loss at the end of February, for example -Rp1,600, then it will be added to the previous negative balance and be carried forward to March resulting in your March balance brought forward to be -Rp4,155. The commission earned shall then be paid according to the tier scale.

Note that above sample is used for currency IDR

Getting Paid Top

You can request payout in CNY, IDR, USD. Respective exchange rate on the payout date will be applied.

We offer withdrawal method via your Macaubet player account only. The minimum amount of withdrawal request depends on each affiliate base currency.